Thorns - From Tears To Glory LP

Image of Thorns - From Tears To Glory LP


After nearly a 2 year wait since their self-titled EP, Melbourne’s Thorns are happy to be back and to announce their debut album ‘From Tears To Glory’. An album filled with 11 soul crushing tracks that not only show the bands love of all things heavy, but truly show a new dynamic and skill for song writing that hasn’t been seen before on previous records.

Since the EP release in May 2012 the band have been busy not just writing their album but touring relentlessly up and down the country, completing tours with Warbrain, Relentless & the UK’s Brutality Will Prevail. There was also time to stun crowds at Broken Hive’s Break The Ice fest which saw the band send the crowd into a well internet documented ruckus and come off as maybe the heaviest band of the whole weekend.

‘From Tears To Glory’ was recorded & produced in Melbourne at Three Phase Studios & YourSpace Studios by Sam Johnson & Lloyd Carroll and was then shipped over to California for mixing & mastering at ‘The Pit’ by Taylor Young (Twitching Tongues, Xibalba, Rotting Out).

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