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The Chain - Demo Tape.


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The Chain are a hardcore band from Planet Perth, playing a style drawn from the same gene pool as Jaws and Dead Stop but with a few different flavours. Exhilarating as your first time at the drag races, an experience you later try to deny that you enjoyed. But there's no questioning here - you live at the speedway now. The Chain's demolition derby approach to life is all you know, along with the smell of gasoline and an obsession with the Mad Max and Fast and Furious franchises. Leave your old life behind, The Chain is here to lead the way in this crush or be crushed dystopian reality. Songs from the wasteland, and if you can't relate to this metaphor, you're a coward and this music isn't meant for you. - Brock Smith

Pressing information:

Clear with red tapes (100)

Track listing:

1. Digital
2. Ego
3. Direction
4. Tropical Depression
5. No Tolerance

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