The Chain - Bitter Pill 7"

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The Chain - Bitter Pill 7"

The Chain - Bitter Pill 7".


The first Last Ride release of 2019, the debut 7" from Perth's The Chain. Following on from their 2017 demo and 2018 two song digital promo, "Bitter Pill" finds the band dialling in the meat and potatoes hardcore sound established on previous releases, with an extra bit of tang thrown in for good measure. "Bitter Pill" carries on the tradition of Perth having some of the most vital (however underrated) hardcore bands in the country, but this is one not to be overlooked. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Cam Murphy at Opaque Audio in Perth. Design and layout by the band's frontman Thomas Sweetman.

Pressing information:

Black vinyl (/150)

Track listing:

1. Bitter Pill
2. Not Like You
3. Stepping Stone
4. Don't Believe
5. Out Of My Head
6. Hate

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