SPEED - 2020 FLEX Flexi 7"



Listen now at lastriderecords.bandcamp.com and on all digital streaming services.

Split release with Flatspot Records in the US. For anyone in the US, please order from them at flatspotrecords.com

Formed in 2019, Sydney’s SPEED is an injection of vital energy into the hardcore scenes of both Australia and the world at large with a clear-cut mission: to positively grow the hardcore scene by challenging cultural norms, embracing diversity, and promoting compassion across political and racial lines. The majority of SPEED’s members are of Southeast Asian descent; drawing strength from its members diverse cultural perspectives, SPEED makes it a point to stand up not only against racism and xenophobia, but also the toxic masculinity and gender prejudices that have crept their way into hardcore. Working closely with local streetwear brands and musical crews across genres as well as their own Forge Ahead podcast that highlights members of their community, SPEED embodies the messages of inclusivity and cultural unity that are as foundational to hardcore as the music ever was.

Returning with the follow-up to their 2019 debut demo on Last Ride Records, SPEED presents two new tracks of grooving and grinding hardcore, set to be released on flexi vinyl through Last Ride Records in Australia and Flatspot Records everywhere else. In spite of their recent arrival onto the scene, SPEED has already shared the stage with a diverse list of bands, ranging from hardcore giants Terror to local hip-hop acts like Posseshot and Haz. As the world seems to grind to a halt and individuals become more isolated than ever before, SPEED rejects the alienation and chooses to march confidently into our new future with a message of unity, solidarity, and progress for all who fight for it.

Pressing information:

Red (/300) (Last Ride exclusive)
Blue (/200) (Flatspot exclusive)

Track listing:


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